This year marks my 10th year of year-round bicycle commuting. By a rough estimation, that means I’ve probably ridden around the Earth (just shy of 25,000 miles) going to and from work in Seattle.

Typically when I tell people this I’m met with some form of these questions: “Why? Isn’t that really dangerous? Aren’t you scared of getting hit?”

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At LexBlog, we’ve been on a year-long journey to make the deepest, darkest areas of our WordPress-based platform useable by real users—not just us Super Admins. That means we’ve been making updates to Widgets, Customizer controls and our custom Site Settings pages.

It was somewhere in a review of the various widgets and settings we have for showing users on the front end that I was reminded how unruly our core User Profile had become. Along with some of our third-party plugins, we had added fields to the profile throughout the years without considering the overall organization of the page.

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