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5 job boards to find or post WordPress work

Job boards to find or post WordPress work

By Devo In Regress on Flickr

You’ve got a WordPress project that’s too big for your in-house talent. How will you find the WordPress guru who can help you with design and/or development?

Lucky for you, WordPress-savvy developers are growing in number. But they’re also in high demand. Elance, a freelance job board, says WordPress experience is the sixth most in-demand skill among its users.

Here are five sites where you can find the WordPress genius who’s perfect for your project or find clients when you’re looking for some freelance work.

1. Elance

Elance WordPressThis freelance work board reports that an impressive $2.3 million in WordPress-related work has occurred among its users in the past six months. The site boasts more than 6,800 WordPress “experts” and as of publication shows that more than 1,500 WordPress-related projects have been posted in the last month. Free and Paid plans available.

Elance WordPress >

2. Official WordPress Jobs

Official WordPress JobsAutomattic’s WordPress work board features categories for upgrade, programming, design, blogging and miscellaneous work. Depending on the category, there may be a few jobs posted each day. Of course, it’s free.


WordPress Jobs >


Freelancer WordPressWhile not a WordPress-dedicated freelance board, Freelancer has an active WordPress job scene with more than 100 openings. Jobs are smaller than elsewhere, with most falling under $1,000 in pay. The range of work is really wide: some requests are for updating plugins, others for design or development while a few are quite random, like link building on WordPress-driven blogs. Mostly free, some job postings have fees. WordPress >

4. WP Jobs

WP JobsThis site is like the official WordPress job board in that it categorizes openings. There are several postings in each category every day. Job posters are not required to disclose their budget, so like some of the other boards here there are some weird or funny posts. Free.


WP Jobs >

5. Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch WordPressEnvato’s freelance job board doesn’t have tons of WordPress work postings, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. Instead of a bunch of low-budget, almost spam-like postings, many of the jobs pay more than $1,000 and are with businesses rather than individuals. Unfortunately, this quality comes at a price. To apply for jobs, you must be a subscriber to the community. $7 a month to be able to apply, free to post a job.

Freelance Switch WordPress >


CodePoet WordPressWordPress Jobs at is another WP-specific job board, but jobs on it seem to be few and far between. Also, if you’ve got a decent budget and are looking for real WordPress experts, CodePoet is Automattic’s official listing of recommended WordPress consultants.

Hat tip to WPCandy for its great compilation of WordPress job boards, including some of these.