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How to display subpages of a WordPress page with their custom meta

How to display the subpages of a WordPress page with their meta, such as title, publication date, featured thumbnail, custom fields, excerpts and, of course, permalinks to the subpages.

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How to style the WordPress TinyMCE WYSIWYG visual editor

Your TinyMCE WordPress WYSIWYG visual editor can get very close to “what you see is what you get” if you style the visual editor following these instructions.

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Don’t confuse the platform with the design

In many cases, the platform, like WordPress, only powers the design. So if you think a design is ugly, it’s best not to go blaming the software. In WordPress’ case, end users often determine whether the blog or website is beautiful, or just plain ugly.

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For college newspapers, the importance of platform is often overrated

College newspapers are often limited by their own staff’s knowledge on web publishing, though the platform (usually College Publisher) is often blamed while very rarely used to its full extent.

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How to add pull quotes in your WordPress posts

Pull quotes have long been used by print publications to jazz up design and draw readers’ attention. If you’re using WordPress as a CMS, why not spice up your blog or story posts, especially if they’re lengthy?