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6 presidential candidates use WordPress as their CMS

Matt Mullenwegg’s State of the Word address this weekend at WordCamp San Francisco shared some impressive numbers about WordPress. For instance, 14.7 percent of the top million websites in the world use WordPress.

Matt’s presentation also revealed numbers from a survey of 18,000 WP users, including that 92 percent of those surveyed use WordPress as a CMS.

It turns out presidential candidates use WordPress as a CMS too.

While browsing the 2012 Republican candidates, I noticed WordPress is the CMS of choice for presidential campaign websites (six out of the 10 declared Republican candidates) and every single candidate is using an open source content management system (Drupal powers the rest).

Maybe there is hope for us after all…

Michele Bachmann – WordPress

Michele Bachmann's WordPress website

The U.S. Representative from Minnesota and winner of the Ames Straw Poll sports a rather garish WordPress-powered site.

Herman Cain – WordPress

Herman Cain WordPress website

The former CEO of Godfather’s simple but elegant website is powered by WordPress.

Gary Johnson – WordPress

Gary Johnson WordPress website

The former governor of New Mexico’s presidential campaign website and blog is powered by WordPress. Interestingly enough, net neutrality is a prominent and important issue to Gary Johnson.

Ron Paul – WordPress

Ron Paul WordPress website

Ron Paul is back again, and his classy campaign site stands out in a good way from his rivals’ websites.

Rick Perry – WordPress

Rick Perry WordPress website

Rick Perry is almost as good-looking as his WordPress campaign website.

Buddy Roemer – WordPress

Buddy Roemer WordPress website

Buddy Roemer’s campaign website is powered by WordPress and focuses on conversation with users via its “Talk to Buddy” Q&A section.

Mitt Romney – Drupal

Mitt Romney Drupal website

Drupal is the platform of choice for Mitt Romney’s sharp website.

Rick Santorum – Drupal

Rick Santorum Drupal website

Rick Santorum’s Drupal site has a unique right-side vertical navigation and full-width layout.

Newt Gingrich – Drupal

Newt Gingrich Drupal website is built on Drupal.

Jon Huntsman – Drupal

Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman’s Drupal campaign website is notable for its poor quality and amateurish design in comparison to the other candidates.

White House – Drupal

White House Drupal website

Alright, it’s not a campaign website (though at the moment its homepage content resembles one), but its worth noting Barack Obama’s technology team brought open source to

Meanwhile, I must admit I’m not sure what Obama’s uses for content management. At one time, his site used Movable Type, but I don’t think that is the case anymore. If you know, please do tell!

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  1. According to the BuiltWith extension in Chrome, Barack Obama's campaign site is powered by Expression Engine.

  2. I second the suggestion of frankiegerschwin– we would benefit from a complementary review of blogs and CMS applications used by candidates more in touch with reality than the TP/GOP front ten.

    Having latest technology is not an argument of policy, but of sufficient resources to bring technology on-board. At the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, all the latest weapons were used by well-funded fascists who realized they could make a decisive difference.

    In the election of 2012, advanced techniques of opinion-shaping and access to mass audiences will dominate available channels of public discourse. Likewise, it is in the interest of the American people not only to have wider dissemination and more rapid transfer of this technology, but urgent development of critical countermeasures to blunt the inevitable website and blogsite attacks.

    The election of 2012 will catch all but the most vigilant by surprise, asleep at the comfortable positions they assumed at the last dismal electoral contest. That surely includes Obama and the DNC.

  3. Haven't had a close look at this site, but I do know that his initial online campaign in 2008 was done by a company called "Blue State Digital" in Boston, using their own in-house CMS. In some of their marketing material they claim that they custom developed some of their toolset for this site.

    They claim <abbr title="Obama for America">OFA</abbr> as one of their case-studies on their home page.

    See their website here:

  4. Great information! I work with GOP candidates/groups/organizations on mobile strategy and long to see the GOP keep pace with the DNC/Obama re-election campaign.

  5. It’s nice to see that organizations that can afford to go in any direction are choosing Open Source programs.

  6. Somehow I keep coming back to WordPress. It isn’t perfect but it seems to be a lot better than most other systems I have come across. I find it really easy to add hooks into it too, which is ironic because it isn’t even considered a framework.