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Is media consumption killing your production?

Xoom Kindle FascinateThe other night as I went to bed with my Xoom tablet in hand, I also picked up my smartphone and my Kindle. For a moment, these consumption devices were all stacked neatly on my nightstand, ready for my final quiet hours of feed reading, tweet scanning and book reading.

As I looked at that marvelous stack of gadgets, It hit me that as much as I enjoy those devices, they’ve been sucking my production in many areas of life dry.

For instance, they played a part in why I haven’t posted to this blog in 69 days.

To clarify, I’m not talking about productivity but creation of my own work (whether it’s photos, WordPress themes, blog posts or a garden).

These consumption tools are mostly productive because they do enable me to learn tons on a daily basis. They provide avenues to connect with others and share snippets of what I’m thinking or reading too. But it’s so easy to get lost in consuming information from them while producing very little of anything that’s my own, whether digitally or physically.

I’m still looking for a tool/service/method that allows me to get the most out of media while managing my time so that I create things too. So far a variety of services and tools have only sucked me deeper into trivial details I never would have thought twice about before.

Are you struggling to create in this consumption-heavy world? Worse yet, are we discouraging creating with consumption culture?

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    • Jenna, thanks for the comment.

      I've thought about using Readability and also tried Read It Later for awhile. The problem is I'm a bit of a digital hoarder so I collect things I find online that I'll never end up reading…but I love collecting and could spend all day doing it!