First off, what’s with the name?

It’s simple. WP is the abbreviation for WordPress and Journo (It’s in Urban Dictionary, check it!) is a nerdy abbreviation of journalist.

About the Blog

WP Journo was started in 2010 in response to the evolution and dire financial condition of news organizations and the growth of WordPress as a content management system. It focuses on how journalism and journalists can use WordPress to revamp (or even start) a web presence, but it will occasionally stray to talk of journalism or technology with no WordPress connection. The blog’s aim is to be a resource for any WordPress user by providing commentary, tutorials, sharing helpful tools and showcasing best practices.

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About the Author

Joshua LynchJoshua Lynch is the author and creator of WP Journo. He is a communications professional with a background in reporting, editing, photography and web production. At LexBlog, Josh is a project manager of custom WordPress blogs and websites for law firms around the world. He has worked for The Seattle Times, Seattle University’s The Spectator, the Federal Way Mirror and Seattle Weekly as well as for creative people and passionate publishers in need of WordPress consulting. His passion for WordPress began in 2008 when he first started using it as a platform. Josh is a nerd who also enjoys reading on his Kindle, developing WordPress themes, fiddling with Android, riding his bicycle or motorcycle, and drinking grapefruit juice.

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